The SpLD Service

The SpLD Service

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The SpLD Service aims at liaising with educators, parents, employers and society in general in order to:

1.      promote awareness and understanding of dyslexia;
2.      empower the learner with dyslexiato fulfil his potential; and
3.      ensure that educators can support the individual with dyslexia as required in the mainstream class.
This is presently being done by the implementation of the following:
              • ​​visiting schools and providing consultation services;

        • working with educators to plan and make provision for an appropriate curriculum through differentiation of materials and a range of teaching strategies;

        • promoting a flexible educational environment which addresses the diverse needs of the individual;

        • encouraging a dynamic partnership amongst external agencies, educators, parents and pupils and encourage a collaborative approach at all times;

        • cooperating with educators in such a way that pupils with barriers to learning maximise their prospects, whilst raising whole class standards to achieve the primary aims of the school;

        • fostering an understanding of additional support ​needs with educators including the Senior Management Team and other agencies;

        • facilitating the earliest practicable identification of literacy difficulties;

        • monitoring the effectiveness of teaching programs and special arrangements for examinations;

        • organising short structured courses for dyslexic students and their parents;

        • empowering the individual with dyslexia through an individualised programme;

        • encouraging diverse teaching strategies so that individuals develop confidence and self-esteem;
        • ​recording, reporting and monitoring progress; and

        • ensuring that society is supported with regularly updated information, resources and reading materials.