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Parents of  students with a learning  difficulty often feel at a loss as to how to support their child access the written word,  to write more confidently and to study effectively. Parents  might spend long hours studying words for dictations,  struggling   to complete  home work and  revising for tests and yet  results are not always satisfactory.  This leads to frustration on the  part of the parents and  lack of confidence on the part of the child.

Aware of such challenges  the SPLD Service annually runs courses and workshops during which participants are given every opportunity to discuss concerns, trial out suggested techniques and share small successes with others.



 The following comments indicate that parents have found such courses beneficial:

 ‘Very well done with all your work.  Course was very interesting and I will be happy to attend many more. The more we can help the better!   Thanks for all your support.  Good job – well done!  Thanks for accepting us …..’.


‘THANK YOU for being so dedicated.  I found the course very interesting and useful.  I felt empowered to help my son.  We discovered Dyslexia since last October  and as soon as SPLD started intervention  we saw improvement  - both academically and emotionally.  My son has become more willing and shows initiative.  As parents we need all the support we can get however some of us are not the most appropriate to assist our children with practising literacy’.


‘Very helpful course.  Me and my son reduced homework time by half.  Very useful tips and realistic on how to handle situations’.  


‘The sessions were all interesting and helped me how I can further help my son.  The ICT session was very useful since the children are more interested in learning on laptops and Tablets.   What helps us parents and children is if these sessions were also taken by teachers and schools are more aware of the situation’.


‘I would like to thank all the lecturers for the useful hints you all gave us to help our kids.   The four sessions were very professionally prepared’.


‘Excellent talks - I attended the last two sessions but wished to attend the other talks’.


‘I really enjoyed the sessions.   My daughter is only 6 and I feel privileged to have all this support and help.  I have already used some of the techniques taught with good effect.  As time goes on I would appreciate more sessions like these which would help keep us updated with new techniques and ICT tool we could use’.


Dyslexia Workshops For Parents (Scholastic Year 2016-2017) - COMPLETED

Dyslexia Workshop 1 for Parent Library.docDyslexia Workshop 1 for Parent Library.doc

Dyslexia Workshop 2 for Parents Paired Reading.docxDyslexia Workshop 2 for Parents Paired Reading.docx

Dyslexia Workshop 3 for Parents Spelling 1.docxDyslexia Workshop 3 for Parents Spelling 1.docx

Dyslexia Workshop 4 for Parents Spelling 2.docxDyslexia Workshop 4 for Parents Spelling 2.docx

Dyslexia Workshop 5 for Parents Making Revision Fun!.docxDyslexia Workshop 5 for Parents Making Revision Fun!.docx

Course for Parents (Scholastic Year 2015-2016) - COMPLETED


Johann Strauss School of Music, 32, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, Hamrun


Wednesday 24th February 2016 - How to support my child with dyslexia; developing appropriate strategies.

Tuesday 1st March 2016 - Spelling Strategies.

Wednesday 9th March 2016 - Helping my child to study.

Tuesday 15th March 2016 - ICT; using dyslexia friendly software.