Learning Outcomes Programme - Year 5

The Learning Outcomes Programme for Year 5 will start in September 2021.


Supporting Document for teachers of Year 5​

The Year 5 Supporting Document for English is a result of widespread consultation with Year 5 and Year 6 teachers. It will officially be implemented in scholastic year 2021-2022. However, several teachers have asked voluntarily to see and refer to the document and they may do so at their own discretion . Further resources will be available on the English Website (https://taleinmalta.wixsite.com/elrc/resources-for-primary). Training sessions will be held in the upcoming scholastic year during which the document will be explained and strategies discussed. For queries or further information, please contact Pamela Zerafa (pamela.zerafa@ilearn.edu.mt).

Remote Teaching Tips​​
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Year 5: Learning Outcomes


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