Survey Lang

The European Commission’s European Survey on Language Competences (commonly referred to as SurveyLang) was administered in 2010, aimed to test the two most widely taught European languages (from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) in each of the participating countries. The survey assessed students’ proficiency in listening, reading and writing. Students who took part were in their final year of lower secondary education. A sample of approximately 1,500 students per language tested, per country was used.
The data collected by SurveyLang thus provided countries with statistically representative results on the language proficiency of secondary school students taking the first and second most taught languages. The pan-European context of the Survey meant that countries w able to use the Questionnaire and Language Test data collected and analysed by SurveyLang to explore factors which impact on language learning and which can shape language policy both within an individual country and across Europe.
SurveyLang Malta Report

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