The International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) is the largest international study on civic and citizenship education. In this survey the IEA investigates the ways in which young people are prepared for, and consequently ready and able, to undertake their roles as citizens. Thus ICCS assesses both student knowledge and understanding of civics and citizenship as well as affective and behavioural aspects of civics and citizenship such as value beliefs, attitudes, intended behaviours and current activities related to civic and citizenship education.
Malta first participated in ICCS when the study was held in 2008–2009. Over 140,000 students in Grade 8 (equivalent to Year 9 in Malta) from 38 countries took part. Malta was again among the participants when ICCS was administered in 2016. All Year 9 students were assessed while further contextual data was collected from other stakeholders when questionnaires were completed by Heads of School, teachers, parents and the students themselves. A further region-specific questionnaire was administered to students coming from Europe.

ICCS 2016 International and European Reports


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