Guidelines for Teachers - 2021/2022

Guidelines for Teachers - 2021/2022

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Middle and Secondary Years

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Syllabus Mitigation Measures

While adhering to the continuously updated public health advice and always with caution, the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes is recommending that the same syllabus mitigation measures from last year remain in force for the Early Years and the Primary Years for scholastic year 2021-2022. Guidelines for these years, together with others for the Middle and Secondary Years, are available at the above links.

The full syllabus needs to be followed for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9.

Promoting positive experiences of learning and assessment in class is strongly encouraged. It can develop since the very beginning of the scholastic year and start with teachers finding the time while in class and while interacting with their learners to ensure that individual learning gaps are addressed. This can be done by validating the levels of attainment and achievement from last year’s records of continuous assessment and end of year exams as a starting point of reference. 

In collaboration with schools, Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes shall remain committed towards:

  • Help​ing students achieve excellent outcomes from learning time at school.
  • Offering flexible and adaptive teaching in line with all health protocols in place to ensure that learners in class continu​e to benefit from group work, pair work and co-operative learning if this is physically possible.
  • Personalised lea​rning opportunities that are increased across all levels as needed.
  • The gener​al provision of an inclusive and accessible learning and assessment environment in class.


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