Secondary Mathematics Resources

Secondary Mathematics Resources

All year Groups

Khan Academy – Lesson videos

Math Antics - Lesson videos

Don’t Memorise - Lesson videos. Sign up for free. Select Explore all Courses – select Middle School Mathematics

Mr Barton Maths - Videos, lessons, notes, worksheets and more (free ebook)

Maths Genie – Revision videos, exam style questions and solutions for each year group

Online Math Learning - Examples, solutions, videos and lessons.

Maths is Fun - Notes and interactive examples

Helping with Math - Printable worksheets

Math Aids - Printable worksheets

Thought Co. - Lessons and worksheets

edHelper - Printable worksheets

twinkl - Printable worksheets


Mathopolis – Games

IXL Maths - Exercises for each year group


Middle School

Primary Worksheets - Worksheets per year group

Hamilton trust - Maths Activities 


Secondary School

MATHEMATICAL etudes - Maths Activities

Mathematical Beginnings - Maths Activities

Scholastic Math – Maths Activities

NRICH - Maths Activities and Investigations

MATSEC - SEC Past Papers

Diagnostic Questions - Teachers may create tests and online homework.  Contains many maths questions about various topics. 


Maths Apps for Middle School

SuperT app - Students can practice the BIDMAS on this app


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