Assessment for Learning Resources

Assessment for Learning Resources

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 Several lesson plans, resources and material for educators can be found on the AfL Fronter room.​

The following links support the following purposes:  encouraging thinking, creativity, engaging in meaningful interaction, extending and supporting learning

Year 1:

Maths: numbers Years.html

(very basic concept of smallest, largest..)

(ordering caterpillar/ordering numbers/park the pod) -1 (number lines)



Year 2  engaging in talk and action songs in the  home – enriching vocabulary

 Odd and Even numbers:



Youtube clips


Year 3    

Online activity-  -  comic creator

Link to Maths game on making amounts of money


Year 4 :  using  a calendar



·       Link to Quizziz app - quiz about Block Graphs ( URL:  Code: 732750)


Year 5

· angles in everyday life


Year 6

·       quiz – Maths - Proportion

· - online activity fractions of numbers


3.      Other  links

·       Edutopia article with a number of Maths links that can encourage thinking.

·       Critical thinking question-game

·       hands-on subtraction activities for kids  to help children practice and build subtraction skills in hands-on ways

· - numbers





·       Create a story book online​





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