DCM Director and Assistant Directors

Mission Statement: The Department of Curriculum Management strives to ensure that learners get their entitlement to Quality Education.

Mr Gaetano Bugeja - Director

E-mail: gaetano.bugeja@ilearn.edu.mt

Areas of Responsibility
  • The Department of Curriculum Management
  • SpLD
  • Coordination with the National Literacy Agency
  • Documentation
Ms Desiree Scicluna Bugeja - Assistant Director

E-mail: desiree.scicluna.bugeja@ilearn.edu.mt
Areas of Responsibility

Sciences, Mathematics, Home Economics, Physical Education, ICT, Computing, Design and Technology,
Graphical Communication, ESD, Entrepreneurship, Scientix Project

Ms Sandra Ebejer - Assistant Director

E-mail: sandra.ebejer@ilearn.edu.mt
Areas of Responsibility

Maltese, English, Foreign Languages, Early Years


Mr David Degabriele - Assistant Director
Areas of Responsibility
  • Education for Diversity
  • Media, History, Geography, Social Studies, Religion, Ethics, Music, Drama, Art, PSCD

Mr Louis Scerri - Assistant Director

Areas of Responsibility
  • Assessment: including the Educational Assessment Unit and International Assessments
  • Secondary School Certificate and Profile (SSC&P)
Mr Alexander Pizzuto - Assistant Director
Areas of Responsibility
Vocational Subjects and Applied / Alternative Learning Programmes

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