A National Curriculum Framework for All

A National Curriculum Framework for All

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• a reference for action based on general consensus and the contribution of stakeholders as well as those committed to its implementation;

• a living framework, in such a way that allows for adjustments to new developments during implementation;

• a policy instrument as well as information on the implementation strategy, actions and benchmarks for implementation, monitoring and evaluation;

• a response to the changing demands of individuals and society, rapid changes in our education system driven by globalisation, ICT development, competition, shift of traditional values and new paradigms.



A structured review and presentation of a far reaching change in a policy area such as the national curriculum has, not surprisingly, generated considerable discussion and debate. A review of the analysis of the formal feedback received by the Directorate of Quality and Standards in Education in the Ministry for Education and Employment shows how different stakeholders have reacted to the proposed draft National Curriculum Framework.
Consultation Process - Meetings 17th May 2011 – 28th July 2011

Consultation Documents
Consultation Document 1 - Executive Summary
Maltese version ​English version
Consultation Document 2 - Rationale and Components​ Maltese version English version

Consultation Document 3 - The Three Cycles
The Early Years
The Primary Years
The Secondary Years 

Maltese version English version
Consultation Document 4 - The Way Forward Maltese version English version
​A Vision for Science Education in Malta - Consultation Document Maltese version English version