Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

​1. I have a query relate​d to a subject. Whom can I contact?

​Kindly contact the Education Officer in charge of that subject: 

2. Why cannot I view past papers correctly?

Since these files are in PDF format, in order to view them correctly, you need to have a PDF Reader (such as Adobe Reader or similar) installed on your computer.
If you still cannot view PDF files, then open your Adobe Reader. Choose Edit - Preferences - Internet and Uncheck "Display PDF in browser". Then click OK.
When the examination paper appears correctly on screen, but prints with errors, misplaced text or images try the following: When you click "Print", a grey dialogue box appears. Tick "Print as Image" (on the upper right hand side). The paper should now print correctly.

 ​3. Which past examination papers are available on the website?

Due to website storage space limitations, this website can only store past examination papers of recent years. Older papers are deleted to make space for recent papers. For this reason, should you wish to keep copies of past examination papers, please remember to save them to your hard disk for future reference. ​



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