Benchmark - Past Papers 2011

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  Karta tal-Istudent      Karta tal-Għalliema
   Karta tal-Istudent         Karta tal-Għalliema
   (Isma' s-silta)
   Qari:      Karta tal-Istudent
   Qari:     Karta tal-Istudent
   Kitba:     Karta tal-Istudent
   Kitba:    Karta tal-Istudent
   Skemi ta' Marki:        Smigħ u Qari           Kitba
   Skemi ta' Marki:          Smigħ u Qari              Kitba


   Listening and Reading:
   Student's Paper               Teacher's Paper
   Listening and Reading:
   Student's Paper                Teacher's Paper
   (Audio: Part 1 - Part 2)
   Writing:   Student's Paper
   Writing:   Student's Paper
   Marking Schemes:   Listening     Reading     Writing
   Marking Schemes:   Listening    Reading    Writing


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   Mental:   Student's Paper         Teacher's Paper


   Mental:  Student's Paper        Teacher's Paper
   (Listen to the recorded sample)
   Main:      Student's Paper
   Main:     Student's Paper
   Marking Schemes:   Mental and Main
   Marking Schemes:   Mental and Main
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