Primary Mathematics

Primary Mathematics

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Year 1 Learning Outc​omes [till end June 2022] 
Year 1 Primary Mathematics Guidelines [as from Sept 2022]  ​

Year 2 Learning Outcomes [till end June 2023]  
Year 2 Primary Mathematics Guidelines [as from Sept 2023]   

Year 3 Learning Outcomes [till end June 2022]  

Year 4 Learning Outcomes  [till end June 2022]  

Years 3 and 4 [Level 5] Learning Outcomes Framework​ [to be used again as from Sept 2022] 

Year 5 Learning Outcomes [till end June 2022]  

Year 5 [Level 6] Learning Outcomes Framework​​ [as from Sept 2022] 

Year 6 Learning Outcomes* [till end June 2023]   *This is the syllabus for End of Primary Benchmark 2022.

Year 6 [Level 6] Learning Outcomes Framework​ [as from Sept 2023]  

Supporting Documents for Primary Mathematics

Years 5 and 6 Supporting Documents related to Continuous Assessment, Broad Learning Outcomes and Alignment Documents [Syllabus to LOF]

Continuous Assessment Menu for Years 3 to 6​  

Continuous Assessment in Years 3 to 6 – FAQs​ 

Primary Mathematics Online Resources Repository [Years 1 – 6]  

Unpacking Level 6 Learning Outcomes​ [This document is a useful tool for all educators in Primary
as it unpacks the Primary Mathematics Learning Outcomes. This document facilitates differentiation.]​

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