Assessment of Learning (Summative)

Assessment of Learning (Summative)

Assessment of Learning procedures are carried out at the Educational Assessment Unit.
Mission Statement
The Educational Assessment Unit aims to provide, develop and implement fair and valid assessment practices for all learners. It also aims to guide and support schools in all their requirements regarding assessment procedures.
 Annual national examinations in Primary and Secondary State schools.

 End of Primary Benchmark. These assessments are intended to better inform pupils and their parents, as
      well as schools and other stakeholders about the achievement of each learner in the different skill areas of
      both languages, Maltese and English, and also in Mathematics. 

  International Studies. 

 Training and development of professionals in the education sector who would like to be more proficient in
      setting valid and reliable examination papers.

 Support to schools, parents and students with issues related to examinations and assessment procedures.

 The maintenance and updating of the website of the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes.