Assessment for Learning (Formative)

Mission Statement
To focus on the enhancement of learning through informed evidence obtained from opportunities to think.
  1. Assessment for learning becomes part of the planning for teaching and learning.
  2. The focus is on how the learner learns not only on what is learnt.
  3. Assessment with the purpose of learning becomes a classroom priority.
  4. The purpose becomes one of identifying gaps in learning and constructing further learning through the guidance provided, thus encouraging individual learners to proceed on their personalised learning path.
  5. Create ownership of learning through collaboration in constructing learning goals and criteria of success.
  6. Develop lifelong learners who are able to search for knowledge and understand the paths to follow to continue the development in learning.
Services Offered
  1. Scheduled and structured curriculum time whereby Assessment for Learning strategies and implementation techniques are discussed.
  2. Lesson planning with teachers. Such lessons incorporate assessment for learning techniques to be used in class to inform both teaching and learning.
  3. Demo lessons and co-teaching to enhance implementation.
  4. Feedback sessions to create a teacher learning community.
  5. Advice on action plan about Assessment for Learning for the School Development Plan.
  6. Professional Development sessions.
  7. Assisting College Examination Committees in the setting of examination papers.
  8. Provide diverse resources for teachers and the Senior management team.